A downloadable game

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Plot: A common city girl wakes up after having dreamed of a mysterious wizard calling her name. In the morning she goes out for shopping, but magically she realizes she is no longer in the city where he was, everything has changed now. Her home, the world she lives in ... She discovers that the mage evoked her there, and she is the chosen one summoned to save the 4 kingdoms from the dark demon thanks to a magical artifact: the cockring!

In this game you will find: 

  • 4 different realms (Humans - Elven - Dwarves - Dark Elvens)
  • 4 different currencies!
  • Tons of quests and items!
  • Brothels in every city!
  • All kind of sex!
  • Custom minigames!
  • A unique story that will change due to your decisions during the Main Plot!

Install instructions

Extract the game from the archive and play!


LewdShift01_LINUX.zip 649 MB
LewdShift01_WIN.zip 516 MB
LewdShift01_MAC.dmg 999 MB